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Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws (R.I.G.L.), Section 39-3-11, and in accordance with Section 2.4 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission (RIPUC), the Pascoag Utility District hereby gives notice of a proposed change in rates filed and published in compliance with R.I.G.L. 39-3-10.

The proposed changes are contained in the exhibits accompanying the filing. The new rates, as proposed, are requested to become effective January 1, 2013. PUD is seeking a rate increase over test year revenue of $584,145, which translates to a 7.53% increase over test year revenues. There may be increases in rates for all customer classes as well as an increase to the street lighting rate.

Be advised as follows:

1. Pascoag Utility District, incorporated by a special act of the General Assembly, is a quasi-municipal utility within the Village of Pascoag with offices located at 253 Pascoag Main Street, Pascoag, Rhode Island.

2. The Electric Department of the Pascoag Utility District operates an electric distribution system providing retail electric service to customers in the Villages of Pascoag and Harrisville, both in the Town of Burrillville, Rhode Island.

3. Correspondence for Pascoag Utility District in this case should be addressed to Michael R. Kirkwood, General Manager, Pascoag Utility District Electric Department, 253 Pascoag Main Street, P O Box 107, Pascoag, Rhode Island.

4. In accordance with the RIPUC Rules and Regulations, the documents accompanying this filing contain data and information in support of Pascoag Utility District’s application. A copy of this filing is at our offices and may be examined by the public during business hours.

Michael R. Kirkwood

General Manager

Pascoag Utility District

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