Outages & Safety

Our phone system continues to be down. Our provider is working to resolve the issue. If you need immediate assistance please call 401-490-5418. This is the phone number to our answering service. They will put in a ticket, email it to us and we’ll get back to you.

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To report an outage please call 401-568-6222. Thank you!

Reporting an Outage

Sometimes a power outage in your home is not a widespread outage, but instead an issue on your side of the meter. Please verify that your entire house is out. Check your breaker box to see if you have a blown fuse or tripped a breaker.

If you believe the problem is an actual outage, please report the outage in the following ways:

  • Call our automated Outage Management Service Line at 1-855-730-8710 to report an outage.
  • If you need to provide additional information that you believe would be helpful to our linemen, please call 401-568-6222.
  • Log on to SmartHub to report the outage online. https://pudri.smarthub.coop/Login.html#login

Please remember to check out our Outage Map for information on large outages or visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PascoagUtilityDistrict  for updated information.

Report Your Outage

Report an outage by calling our automated outage line at 1-855-730-8710 or through your SmartHub online account

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PUD provides update typically during large outages, in which more than 100 customers are affected for an hour or longer.

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Pascoag Utility District offers the latest technology to help you manage your electric or water account 24/7 by computer, smartphone or tablet with a free online application called SmartHub.

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