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Tank Rehabilitation Project

In 2012 and 2013 Pascoag completed our Water Tank Rehabilitation Project. The two storage tanks had all surfaces sandblasted and cleaned both inside and out, spot welded any repairs, made structural changes to meet new state codes, and recoated all surfaces to extend the life of the tanks by at least 20 years. The work performed also remediated the lead paint that existed on the external structures.

Water SCADA System

In 2013, Pascoag for the first time installed a “System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)” system, which includes a radio and hard-wired electronic system which gathers data from points all across our water utility, including storage tank levels, chlorine levels, production well data, flow across our interconnection with Harrisville, pressure at several points on the system, pH levels, etc. This SCADA system allows for continuous monitoring of our water parameters from our desktop computers to allow for better operational control and maintenance.

Water Filter Rebate Program

In order to address the unique characteristics of the water distribution system, where some of Pascoag Utility’s customers are affected more than others when a rusty water incident occurs, PUD offers a rebate program for the installation of a whole-house filtration system. Those customers that install such a system will be able to prevent sporadic rusty or discolored water from entering their home plumbing system. PUD will rebate 50% of the installed cost of such a system, up to a $250 rebate. PUD has allocated a total of $5,000 per year to cover these installations, on a first come/first serve basis. The need for this program has diminished over the past few years due to the water main cleaning-lining program, but is available if particular customers are still experiencing water discoloration.

Installation of Orthophosphate Water Treatment System

Pascoag’s Water Department installed an Orthophosphate Water Treatment System in 2018. The system helps line our water mains with a rust inhibitor to reduce rust in the remaining un-lined sections of the water system as well as improve over-all water quality.

Phase I Water Main Cleaning/Lining Project

In the first phase of the project, Pascoag Main Street’s water mains were cleaned and lined in conjunction with the RI-DOT work on Route 107 which completely rebuilt Pascoag Main Street. It was important for us to get the water mains rehabilitated before the final pavement was done as part of the state DOT project. The work also included the replacement of all valves and fire hydrants in this area. Pascoag Utility was awarded loans and grants totaling more than $2.4 million from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA-RD) for this project and Phase II, discussed next.

Phase II Water Main Cleaning/Lining Project

In the second phase of the project, water mains on North Main Street, Grove Street, Laurel Hill Avenue, Church Street, Sayles Avenue, Pine Street and Irving Avenue were cleaned and lined. The work also included the replacement of all valves and fire hydrants on these streets.

Phase III Water Main Cleaning/Lining Project

In the third phase of the project, water mains on Rock Avenue near High Street, Howard Avenue, Charles Street, South Main Street, Broad Street and Centennial Street were cleaned and lined. The project totaled approximately $2.1 million, with a grant provided by USDA-RD picking up over $900,000 of the cost. The completion of Phase III will provide the equivalent of new water mains, valves and hydrants for almost 50% of our water system together with Phases I and II.

Annual Maintenance Hydrant Flushing

Pascoag Utility’s Water Department coordinates with Harrisville’s Water Department to perform annual maintenance to our water system by flushing fire hydrants. The flushing is aimed at removing the rust sediment that builds up in the bottom of the water mains over the course of the year. We use forceful flushing at various hydrants throughout the system to remove this sediment and to scale and remove additional rust off the pipe walls. Although customers may experience rusty water at times during the week as we flush from location to location, the water system is greatly improved by conducting this task yearly and reduces incidences of discolored water throughout the year.

Water Line Insurance Program

In 2018, Pascoag Utility District implemented a Water Service Line Protection Program to give residential water customers peace of mind. The police insures the homeowner’s water service line from the curb-stop shut-off, to the water meter. Currently, the home owner would be responsible for any repairs to the water service line on their property. The policy would pay up to $3,000 per occurrence to repair the water service line and $2,000 per occurrence for such repair to the same section of public sidewalk or public road. The cost of the Water Service Line Protection policy is $5.00 per month. A charge in that amount, would be added to a residential customer’s bill each month-if they choose to participate.

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